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With so many tasty ways to treat your buddy to chewrific fun, it’s easy to see why Busy dogs are happy dogs.

Busy Bone
Busy Bone Dog Treats

The long-lasting dog treat where tasty twists and turns hide a meaty middle. 


Flavor and fun are all rolled into one with this chewy, genuine beefhide snack.


Treat him to layer after layer of goodness with this triple-layered hearty chew.

Busy Beggin’ Twist’d Dog Treats
Busy Beggin’ Twist’d Dog Treats

Holy mother of bacony bliss! The meaty flavor of Beggin’ has been twisted around a long-lasting Busy Bone.

Busy Ribhide™ Dog Treats

Long-lasting, beefhide dog chews handcrafted into the shape of a meaty rib. Butcher shop flavor is served! 

Busy Jerky Twists Dog Treats

Long-lasting dog chew made with real chicken jerky twisted around 2 flavors of real beefhide.

Busy Jerky Wraps Dog Treats

Tasty chicken jerky wrapped around real beefhide. It’s our longest lasting Busy dog chew!

2 Meaty Flavors. 1 Long-Lasting Chew.

First we take real beefhide. Then we wrap it in real, chicken jerky. It’s two tasty flavors all wrapped up in our longest lasting Busy dog chew.

Holy Mother of Bacony Bliss!

Stephen Kramer Glickman from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush discovers first-hand what happens when dogs get their paws on Busy® with Beggin® Twist’d.