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"That's Too Much Meatiness" Said No Dog Ever. Drive your four-legged meat-lovers wild with our wide range of tasty treats.


Tasty, twisty and meaty... oh my! The only thing better than treating him to one is treating him to two.

Variety Snaps

Four tasty flavors in every crunchy treat. Consider the flavor bases covered.


Reward him with the meaty goodness of a backyard barbecue. No grill required.

Dental Chews
Dental Chews

Keep his pearly whites bright and his breath fresh with every chomp. You're welcome.

TBonz Review CTA
  • 5/5
So Cute and Well Loved!

My dog absolutely adores these treats. As soon as I open the bag she comes running...

Hkac54, Paducah, KY