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Party Mix Duos
People-Food Flavors, Made Feline Friendly

Introducing a new cat treat with a mix of crunchy pieces and dual texture pieces, inspired by irresistible human food combos, like Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese or Chicken & Waffles.

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Fancy Feast Purely Filets
Fancy Feast® Purely Filets

It's a treat. It's a topper. It's a 100% natural filet of real fish or chicken.

Friskies Party Mix Gravy-licious
Friskies® Party Mix® Crunch Gravy-Licious

Cats love gravy! And these gravy-licious treats give to them... with a crunch!

Dentalife Cat Treat
  • 5/5
Delicious, Crunchy and Clean!

My cat and I absolutely love this product because it is made from wholesome ingredients and also cleans his teeth with a crunchy texture that helps reduce tartar buildup...