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From crunchy bites made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient to low-calorie puffs of airy awesomeness, a world of yum is waiting for your Friskies-loving friend.

Friskies Party Mix Crunch
Party Mix® Crunch Cat Treats

Crunchy cat treats in a deliriously delicious mix of flavors, shapes and colors. Why just serve a treat when you can pop open a party? 

Party Mix® Favorites
Party Mix® Favorites Cat Treats

If your cat has a favorite flavor, these crunchy cat treats are sure to be her #1 choice.

Party Mix® Naturals
Party Mix® Naturals Cat Treats

Crunchy, yummy cat treats made with real meat – plus added vitamins and minerals.

Pull n Play CTA
Pull N’ Play Cat Treats

Edible string cat treats! In a variety of tasty flavors! That’s incredible! Pair them with our Wobbly toy for even more treat time fun! 

Friskies Review
  • 5/5
Super Product!

“My cat, as with all cats, gets fussy about flavors. Well, he keeps coming back for handfuls all night long! This has hit a home run with my little guy…”

People-Food Flavors  Made Feline Friendly
People-Food Flavors, Made Feline Friendly

Introducing a new cat treat with a mix of crunchy pieces and dual texture pieces, inspired by irresistible human food combos, like Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese or Chicken & Waffles.